Technical Specifications

Special sensors are attached close to the top of each bar of the ladder. If the sensor is triggered by a foot or hand, an analog signal is sent to the following blackbox. The blackbox transforms the incoming analog sensor signal into a MIDI signal. That signal can either be sent to a computer via a USB/MIDI interface or directly processed by a hardware musicsampler. There, the incoming signal triggers a certain soundloop or tone for each bar of the ladder. The user can influence the volume and the modulation of the sound by hitting the bar softly or harder.

In a second use of the MIDI signal via computer every rung of the ladder triggers an associated video-loop. The different video-loops are mixed by the computer parallel to the triggered sound-loops. Then they are projected on a videoscreen above the ladder.
The contact with each bar of the ladder triggers a direct audio-visual feedback that the user can play and interact with