The ToneLadder Installation:

The ladder of choice is a set up-ladder, to give someone the ability to interact with a partner and the ladder. This model is made of O-tube profiles so that sensors and cables can be placed inside without beeing seen or touched. This is to make the installation durable and stable. An additional dynamic ladder was developed and constructed also a third ladder equipped with wireless data transfer technology.

The durability of the construction and the easy to use sound generation of the ladderbars allows all kinds of users to create melodic results, regardless of musical knowledge. The stable construction of the ladder enforces the user to test his skills in music creation with the whole body.

Children but also adults have a lot of fun testing the interaction between the ladder and a partner. Fast results encourage the audience to stay for a while with the apparatus. The entertainment factor remains constant because of the never-ending possibilities to combine the different sounds and tones of the ladder. The musical setup of each bar can be changed by the click of a button, this also works for the related video loops.